Why Choose Us?

The acronym B.A.D. represents a couple different things. 1. Beastmode All Day is our way of motivating people thru the every day things we as human beings deal with like sickness, despair, loss, insecurity, and other things that take away our motivation, our pride, and our willpower.  Our line of apparel and accessories are to remind you to never give up, stay positive, and believe in yourself.  2. Be A Demigod is a different kind of motivation.  A Demigod by definition is a "mythical being with more power than a mortal, but less than a god."  Another definition says that they are "a person so outstanding as to seem to approach the divine."  When we say be a Demigod, we just mean that you want to be more than you are.  Some of us want to be more physically fit, richer, smarter, or just a better person in all aspects of everyday life.  We want our line of clothing and accessories to inspire you to reach your goals, to help others to be a good people, and to chase their dreams.  

About Us

B.A.D. LifeStyle

Mark and Sean

We are a group of people that decided that we wanted to help others.  Sometimes the best way to help others is by helping them to help themselves.  We wanted to give people something that will give them motivation just by sight.  Our mission is to give people something to help them inspire someone else to motivate another person.  No one lives an absolute, perfect life and we want to be a company that people can turn to when they need inspiration and motivation.  We hope that you enjoy our products and share them with family and friends. Being that this company has a Veteran owner, we are also huge supporters of our Military,  First Responders and the fight against Cancer.  For every shirt that we sell in support of those causes, we give a portion back to different organizations that also support those men and women who are on the front lines of our well being.  We also give a portion to help fight in the war against Cancer. We aspire to inspire.  B.A.D. LifeStyle.  


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